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Kona Fish Company - Hawaii
Kaloko Light Industrial Park
73-4776 Kanalani Street #8
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii 96740

PH: (808) 326-7708
FAX: (808) 329-3669

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Welcome to Kona Fish Company

Kona Fish Company has been supplying the finest fresh and frozen seafood to the west side of the Big Island of Hawaii since 2000 and is the leading seafood distributor in the region from Waimea to Captain Cook.

It is renowned for purveying the freshest seafood from the pristine Hawaiian waters that is provided to hotel resorts, restaurants, retail markets and institutions.

Kona Fish Company, Inc. is one of six corporate companies under CMU & Associates~ Hilo Fish Company, Inc. (Hilo, New Jersey, California, Manila, Philippines), Pacific Trade International, Inc. (New Jersey), Tropic Fish Maui, LLC, Tropic Fish Hawaii, LLC (Honolulu) and Tropic Fish Kauai, LLC.



We are recognized in the industry for providing one of our signature labels, KRIMSON. It is an exceptional line of premium, frozen fish products and is highly regarded by our clients.